Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lauren's first day full day of preschool

Today Lauren had a full day of preschool. 9 to 12. When I dropped her off she didnt even tell me bye! She ran right on in and started getting toys out and playing with the kids. When I picked her she was all quiet and I asked her if she was ok when we were in the car and she said in a whisper you have to be quiet when you say your prayers. Then she said she cried twice but I can't get it out of her why she was crying. All I got was that something about she had to sit in a red chair b/c something about the turtle on the rug. ?? Who knows. Jon asked her and she said it was a secret!!! lol! The note she got home was a good one so I guess all is good. She is wore out! I am hoping for a nap this afternoon!!!

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Lisa and Curtis said...

Awe! So she goes 9am-12pm M-F? Bella starts on Tuesday and she will be going 8-12! So exciting! Glad to hear she likes it!