Sunday, August 16, 2009

Incredible Pizza Company

Jon and I took Lauren to the Incredible Pizza Company today. It was all of our first time going. It isnt so much geared to Lauren's age group but there was still alot she could do. Jon and Lauren rode the go carts. The pic was all blurry since I turned the flash off.

She played mini golf for the first time and was really good at it! She really liked playing. She did play some what like I do you know whatever it takes to put the game in her favor!! lol!

Just riding some little rides.

She got really bored with this one. It was went around and around. It also kept talking to her everytime she passed the same spot and she couldnt figure out where it was coming from.

She also got to bowl for the first time. She told me it was too hard to do though. Jon didnt realize that he chose the only lane that did have gutter balls the others you didnt have to worry about it. I think if she would have tried it on one of those then she would have liked it better.

So for the most part she had a good time. It may be the last time we all go out as a family of 3!

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