Monday, August 3, 2009

Lauren in Nana and Pops pool

Yesterday we went down to Wynne. Lauren was so excited to get in the pool. Nana got in with her but it was a bit chilly and Lauren just wanted to be held so it didnt last too long. She of course wanted to ride on the shopping cart (the golf cart)! We ate and headed out to a friends house so I could take pics of their little baby girl. She was just adorable! They basically have a farm out there! So Lauren got to play with a pig, see the ducks, and the pet the horses! She said she wanted to ride them but when it came time to get close to them she wasnt so sure about it. They were huge so I dont blame her one bit!!!

The crib is FINALLY up! The room is not ready but hopefully at some point this week it will be. We still have to get out the fish tank and then I can tell how I was to rearrange the furniture.

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Lisa and Curtis said...

I want that pool!! The kids have this tiny one cause we have no flat ground, really! Looks nice and cool, and she looks like she had so much fun!