Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Third trimester starts today!!!

I am 28 wks today which is the start of the third trimester. It wont be too long before I am holding my baby girl!! We have almost everything ready. Just final touches and things to do here and there. I am slowly down for sure! Thank goodness no swelling yet and hopefully it wont start! My blood pressure has been great. I know all the problems can start fast but I am holding onto the idea of this just being a normal pregnancy and delivery!

Lauren is having a ball playing with all the baby stuff! Her favorite place to go and hide right now is under the crib!

I was asked today if I was 4 month pregnant that crazy lady apparently hasn't seen to many pregnant women! I was like uh NO try 7 months! I swear I just don't see how I can get much bigger!! I will be falling over forward! I am not as big as I was with Lauren but with her it was all swelling due to the pre-eclampsia. I know I will get bigger though. Just as long as Allison is growing and doing great then I am happy! I will just pay that plastic surgeon when the time comes!!!

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Lisa and Curtis said...

What?! How did that happen!? Hoe come everyone elses pregnancies just FLY by! lol Hope you have a good last few month!