Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little handy girl!

Jon was putting together the storage unit for the playroom and Lauren wanted to help him nail the nails in and she did it!

A few pics of the playroom. It still isnt fully done but it is a work in progress. It will be another month before Jon can finish the floor and put the baseboards on. I still have to order some things for the walls.

Lauren is getting much better when it is time to clean up things with her helping. Although I found out that she did take one thing after me. The way she cleans up! I just like it out of the way in a drawer, closet whatever. We couldnt find her sandals b/c she put them up in her night stand table drawer!!!

1 comment:

Kaycee said...

That playroom is adorable!! We need another room for just that :)