Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just a few pics from the lake

Our little daredevil! She saw a little boy wakeboarding and then she saw we have a pink wakeboard that is way too big for her she didnt care she wants to do that! I told my Dad it only took 30yrs but he finally his girl to play with on the water!! My Brother would be so proud that Lauren LOVES the water!

Lauren and Jackson watching the fireworks and singing and laughing!

Dancing in the rain! More pics at the shutterfly site. Link is in a post below.

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Tracy said...

She is beautiful! And you are so right, Scott would love that she loves the water. I think about you guys everyday! I hope that you are doing well. We are planning on having a baby late next year so you will have to take some pics for me! Please keep in touch!

Tracy ;)