Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3d/4d ultrasound!!!

We had one today! It was so neat to watch her moving around and opening her mouth. At one point she was even sucking her thumb! Lauren kept asking me how it felt when they were doing it. She liked watching Allison moving around. She even played peek a boo with her when we watched it at home!! lol! It wasnt as clear as what you see in some pictures but I found out I have an anterior placenta and so we should be thankful we saw anything from what I have read. We couldnt tell who she looks like yet but that is ok we will now soon enough! She did look to me like she has Lauren's nose. Or should I saw Jon's!! lol! Which is just fine with me!! It was a really sweet thing to see. She sure doesnt look like she has much room in there! I got a dvd of it but I can't play it on my computer and I didnt get any still pics on the disk to post. I may try to take a picture of a picture and post later.

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