Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just playing

Lauren has just recently gotten into playing with her baby dolls! I thought that maybe dolls just werent going to be here thing. I moved the rocking chair out of her room to Allison's and set up the corner for her baby doll bed, highchair, little bassinet, and stroller. Ever since she has been playing with them all!! She is also changing their clothes. She just has like two or three outfits but she loves changing them! Then she feeds them and then puts them down for a nap! Then tells me I have to be quiet b/c her babies are sleeping! I guess it is good practice for her!!

Last night I turned it on so you think you can dance and she had to go put on one of her princess dress up dresses and shoes and started dancing. It was so cute! I couldnt even watch the show b/c I was watching her!! She did pretty good too! I would love to start her in dance but I think I will wait till next year. I am afraid I would be so overwelmed with preschool, dance, and a newborn!!

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