Monday, July 20, 2009

Another doctor's appt down!

I went to the doctor this morning and had to take the glucose test and passed! Thank goodness! I didnt pass it with Lauren and the 3hr is horrible! My bp and blood work all looked great so I will go back in another 4wks then start going every 2wks. I am so glad I still feel so good with this pregnancy! I sure hope it stays this way the rest of the time!! We are going tomorrow to do the 3d/4d ultrasound and Lauren is so excited that she gets to see her baby sister on the tv!!

Lauren and I went McDonald's for a late breakfast this morning and she said her cinaminon roll was DELICIOUS!!! It was so cute! I have got her to where she will clean up her room and the playroom through out the day so we dont have toys everywhere all day long. She tells me I am helping you Mommy!!

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