Friday, May 1, 2009

Whew finally!

Yesterday Lauren had a whole day without accidents! We were doing so good a while back but she would never poop in the potty. She finally started doing it a few wks ago and it was like she forgot about peeing in there too! So it has been a rough couple of weeks when trying to clean up a child when you are gagging! FINALLY yesterday I found her weakness!!! I was giving her suckers but she got over that. So now it is chocolate!!! The girl ate more chocolate yesterday but no gagging for me or extra laundry! Sure hope she keeps it up!!! I do need to get more hershey kisses though!!!

We are getting ready for her 3rd birthday party tomorrow!!! Jon is having a pink castle bouncer come! That is if it doesnt rain. If it does rain then we will have the bouncer another wknd. She is so excited about her party!! That is all she has talked about for two months!!!

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