Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Caterpillars everywhere!!

I mean it they are every where! Lauren is loving it! She was so excited earlier when she saw one crawling on her window! We were cleaning the front flower bed out and she decided to start collecting the caterpillars. The girl had like 3 in her hand and two crawling on her!!! She was laughing so hard! I got a pic of her with them all but I am just too tired to upload them right now! We got two of the pots planted also. So now I need a nap! And it must not take a hole for me to twist my ankle! I was just standing there and took a step and there it goes! I didnt think it was too bad but the longer I worked in the yard the worse it got. So now it is all swollen again and hurting! I have to cook dinner tonight though. I have a craving for brocolli casserole and I must make it!!!!

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