Friday, May 22, 2009

Lauren's funny things she says

Tonight we were going to my cousins graduation party and we had to go through some blinking red lights. Lauren asked why we were stopping and Jon told her b/c it meant stop. She said I dont have to stop b/c I dont know how to drive!

I was getting ready tonight and I wore my contacts and put on make-up. Lauren looked at me and said Mommy your eyes look funny!! Tells me I dont fix up near enough!

Remebered another one! I was trying to get Lauren out of the car and she was going so slow so I said come one slow poke and she said NO mommy I am a fast poke!

I really should start posting these as soon as she says them b/c my memory is shot these days! She has us laughing all day long with the things she comes up with!

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