Sunday, May 3, 2009

Party pics

Of course these are all backwards in order. I have to paint my kitchen if I am going to keep doing birthday set ups in there. The yellow totally throws off the color of the pic so the pics arent so great. I also need to find a balance between what to take a pic of and what to video. Next year I will try to do better!! In the first pic the balloons are actually tied to her pigtails!!

This is everyone singing happy birthday to her! This I should have had on video!

I asked her how old she is going to be and this is how she show 3!!

Her tink cake. I was not so happy with it. I didnt make it this year and maybe it bothered me more that I didnt take the time to do it this year. I was wanting something more and the place I got it from didnt measure up. Could totally just be hormones! But she loved it and that is all that mattered!

The pics of the caterpillars from the other day.

Lauren woke up this morning at 7:30! She wanted to play with her seashells that Uncle Scott got for her!! She played with those things up until bed time last night too! Then once we got up she had made her way around all of her toys. Uncle Jeff got her a HUGE princess castle and she wanted it set up. Jon got it up for her and she said her and snow white were going to go play in! So snow white has been her play friend all day long!!!

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Kaycee said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!!1 Great party and I love that yellow room btw :)