Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Such pretty day

We had nice weather today so I took Lauren to park after lunch. There was another little girl there and after they talked for a few minutes Lauren turned to me and said Mommy this is my best friend! It was so sweet! At one point the little girl coughed and Lauren looked at me and said Mommy my friend needs some medicine!!!

Lauren decided she does love the tire swing!

She was throwing grass into the water. Next time I will remember to bring some bread! All the ducks thought she had food too!!

She is saying Hey ducks hey ducks! Then I told her it was a goose so then it was hey goose hey goose!! lol!

She is holding a little bitty camera it doesnt work but she doesnt mind. She said Mommy I need to take pictures of the ducks too!!

Taking more pics of the ducks!

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