Thursday, February 26, 2009

She knows what she likes!

I went to Walmart without Lauren today and got a few cute little dresses for this summer for her. I pulled every single one out and she said she didnt like any of them! I am going to try again tomorrow! My Mom has been telling me that I started at 2 picking out my clothes I guess my day with her has come!!! lol! She picked a shirt out at Gymboree earlier this week and I got another one I liked but she didnt. I should have listened to her b/c the shirt I liked didnt fit or her look good on her!!

Dumbo is the movie of the week! She has watched it every day so far! Twice on Monday! On the sad part where the take Mrs. Jumbo away she had tears in her eyes and looked at me and said Mommy I am so sad! I think that is amazing that she puts two and two together already to feel that way.

This morning she woke up and said she wanted to go on a picnic in the park. So we got ready and I packed a lunch and we did just that! She always eats really well when we do that. It was just so windy and chilly we had to leave before either of us really wanted to.

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