Saturday, February 28, 2009

A snow storm!

I went to Wynne today and it started snowing I called Jon and he said it wasnt doing anything in Memphis. So since it was doing a good ground cover in wynne I decided to head home. I got to the bridge and WOW I got scared! Traffic was stopped b/c of a wreck on the bridge and it was slick! My tires started spinning and I did a few slides! I was like oh first off Jon lied to me!! Turns out it just came down that fast! It is way worse over here in Memphis than in Wynne. We have at least 4" of snow right and it is still coming down! I dont think I have ever seen this much snow!! I took Lauren out to play for a bit earlier but we will go out again tomorrow for sure. Maybe Jon will feel like joining us tomorrow. He is sick right now. I am just so glad we made home safe!!! I took a few pics earlier I will post them tomorrow.

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