Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So this is what is going to be like....

Jon was home early today and with this great weather we have of course I wanted to get out and take some pics! I need to get serious and practice practice practice! So if you want some pics LET ME KNOW!! Anyway so I talked Jon into getting all dressed up and Lauren was looking as cute as always so off to the park we go! Well the two year attitude came out full force and she did not want to do anything I actually wanted her to do. Trying to bride this child just simply doesnt work...yet anyways!! lol! So not only am I dealing with a child who almost refuses to look at me then I have to deal with a husband that won't look at me either!!!! I told him only a half a dozen times to look at me and smile!! I didn't get much!! lol! You know only like 4 photos out of 110! I will be posting them tomorrow or so. I am actually hoping to get a good night sleep tonight!

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