Monday, June 30, 2008

A few pics from yesterday

I am trying to get some good pics of Lauren in a tutu so I can do something to put in my sister in laws dance studio. I am going to be doing their studio pics and I want people to know who I am before I just show up there. Lauren wasnt exactly the most cooperative child yesterday! I am going to do some more photoshop work on them at some point to see if I can't come up with something. I did get just some really cute one just for me though!!

Ok so I will upload when blogger lets me. For some reason it wont work right now. So I will tell you what happened at the park today. I took Lauren b/c we didnt do anything yesterday and I feel bad when I don't get her out to play and be around some kids something! So we go to the park and there were mostly big boys there. Way too old to be playing on the stuff there. I didn't let her play on the stuff they were on which of course is what she wanted to play on. Finally they went under a tree so I let her play on it. These two little girls were sitting on the steps so she sat down beside them being friendly and they just ignorged her! My heart was breaking! So she decided she would slide but by then the big boys were back trying to walk up the slide! They at least moved when there caregiver told them to. Lauren slide down and said bye bye to me. I was so sad for her! I told her sometimes big kids can be mean and she said yeah big kid with this sad look on her face. I think I made her feel better though. We went to Chickfala and ate and well she mostly had ice cream to eat!!! lol!

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