Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A perfectionist on our hands??

Lauren is so funny how she has to have things just right! We were coloring early today and she wanted to put up the colors well I just dropped them in the box and she said NO NO NO and took them back out and had to have them with the tip going up and just perfect! lol! She does this alot with her things but it just hit me that it really does bother her not to have things just so so! While we were coloring I was having her color a circle or a foot something like that and as long as she is holding the color the correct way she does great and is almost all in the lines!!! Then she changes the way she holds the color and it is everywhere but she is trying to keep it in the lines!!

We went shopping this morning and she was walking and I was holding her hand and she kept telling me come on come on whenever I would stop to look at something!!

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-Bridget said...

Reagan is very much a perfectionist already as well. She pitches a fit if things aren't exactly the way she wants them.