Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy day today!

Today was a busy today for us! First we went to gymnastics and I was the only Mom there!! The rest were Dads!! Lauren just gets bored really quick with it for some reason. Then she starts to cry! Oh well she is doing the routine really good! Then we went swimming and she is doing great with it!! She is so excited to get in the pool and her floaties are awesome! She swam around the whole pool today! There was a little boy there that was a friend of a friends and he was like 6 and Lauren just thought he was great! They had a good time together!!

This pic is one I took with my Mom's camera on Memorial Day. She was eating cookies that is why she looks mad. She wasnt!! lol!

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MrsMoma said...

How funny! Love the outfit and bow..did you make it??