Saturday, June 28, 2008

Party girl!!

We went to a wedding Friday night and Lauren had a blast! During the ceremony she was entertained by the rose petals the wind was blowing towards her. She had to pick them all up and sit them on a chair in front of her. Then the reception started and she saw the cake!!! OH MY she wanted some of that cake so bad! Bad enough to go with one of Jon's buddy's because she thought he was going to get her some!! We had to leave before she got a piece of cake but I did have cupcakes at home!! She got out there and danced with Jon's buddy and Jon. She really enjoyed herself!

OH guess what else my child did! I had painted her fingernails and toenails and she knew where I put it when we were done. Well she decided she wanted to give it a try herself!!! YES she ruined a dress! A brand new dress at that! From the rate she is going with ruining clothes it is a good thing she has so many clothes! I am the type of person if it has a stain on it then it won't be worn again! This girl is getting really hard on clothes!! Thank goodness for Oxyclean!

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