Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last of swimming lessons and our helper at it again!

Yesterday I took Lauren to a pool with a friend of mine and her little boy. It was alot of fun. Lauren will "jump" off the side of the pool which is more like a step off! She was kicking really good.

Jon and her finished up swim lessons this morning! She got a little certificate of completion and a sucker!!! Which I never let her have but of course Daddy let her have it and OMG did she love it he said!! I have a fear of her chocking so I have never given her one but he said she did great with it! I have a feeling that was NOT her first sucker!!! Jon said the coach had them playing ring around the rosey in the water today! I am glad we took the classes she is still somewhat unsure of getting in the water at first so I guess it will just take some time for her to get more comfortable with it all.

This morning Jon came and told me that now Lauren is making him look bad!! It is an on going battle in our house when Jon takes the trash out he NEVER puts the bag back in it well he did it again today but Lauren was watching him and by the time Jon came in from throwing the garbage away she had gotten into the cabinet which does have a child lock on it??!! And got out a trash bag and was putting it in the trash can!!!! LOL!!

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