Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just a few quick pics before gymnastics!

I had to get Lauren a cute little outfit for gymnastics! There was only her and another little girl that didn't have an outfit on so of course she needed one!! She did REALLY good today! She did a backward flip on the bars!! She loved that! She likes the bars the most but it isnt b/c of the bars really. It is b/c the bars means that she can jump in the castle they have! lol! She did the balance beam all by herself today! She is getting used to it all now and she knows what to do but she still wants my help on it all.

One Mom told me today that Lauren was so nice and sweet and she wished she would teach her little girl how to be nice!!! lol!!

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MrsMoma said...

OMg adorable!! How long has she been in gymnastics? That would me so much fun for Cami.