Monday, October 25, 2010

Pictures of Allison's Birthday Party

You should be able to click the link and it take you to the pictures from Allison's and Kenton's birthday party.  The party was great! We had amazing weather for it!

On Friday Allison's actual birthday we played outside all morning and then decided to get lunch and go to the park and eat it.  We played at the park for a bit and then came back for Allison's nap.  When she got up we had to run to pick up the balloons and cake.  Got back home and had pizza and played with her pony and new phone. 

On Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go get the cake redone once I got home everyone was up and we got ready for the party.  I really thought Allison was going to want to open the presents when she saw them but she just wanted to sit on her new chair.  She loves that thing! It is perfect for her to lay on and roll around and not worrying about her falling off like she tries to do on the couch! She got so many cute things for her birthday! She didnt want to really open them but once they were out she was all over them.  She did much better with her cake than she did on her cake smash session.  She was so tired I was afraid she would cry again and not eat it but she ate a good bit of it. 

My Dad had went and picked up this little 4 wheeler for the kids for him to keep at his house.  They were all excited but I dont think they are really ready for it.  Colton did pretty good but Kenton is too small for it still.  Lauren was scared to give it much gas...thank goodness!!

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