Friday, October 15, 2010

No more bottle

Allison is no longer taking her bottle.  Today was the first full day without it.  She has been taking just the one before bed but has only been drinking about 3 ozs so I decided to give it a try without it tonight and she did just fine.  My Baby is growing so fast!

Last night before bed the Girls were playing in Lauren's room with necklaces and they each had several on and I took them all off before I put Allison to bed.  This morning the first thing Allison did was go in Lauren's room and put them all back on! Funny how they remember things. 

Allison is talking so much more now.  She says Momma, Dada, hello, night night, and tonight she said uh oh! I really do think that the reason she doesnt "talk" so much is due to the fact Lauren NEVER stops! Allison is learning to just talk over her!!

just me and Alli taking some pics while Lauren was at school

just love this picture! She looks so much older than one though :(

Here Alli was playing with my Moms iphone and she loves to push the botton on it.  Turns out she kinda messed it up! But it was an easy fix!!

Tonight while the Girls were in the bath Lauren was going to tell Allison a secret and Allison actually leaned in to get closer to hear her! it was so cute!!

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