Saturday, July 17, 2010

Random stuff

I cant remember if I blogged this or not but this is how I found Alli one morning.  It was a week or two ago or maybe 3 now I cant remember.  Just the girls playing in Alli's room. See she will pull up on anything.  This toy is super light so she only thinks she needs something to help her up when she was doing this all on her own! This is how Jon has been all week and will be for a few more.  Not the most fun he has ever had!!

I just love that Alli loves to eat! I made grilled chicken, sweet tater, squash, and roll for her tonight and she loved it all! Then I gave her some watermelon for the first time and she just couldnt get enough of it!! I had to get her a 12 month sleeper and it fits so much better! she is growng so fast!

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