Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clapping and stairs!

Allison is clapping now! She also got up two stairs tonight! When I took her off of them and told her no she just laughed and clapped!!! She pulls up on EVERYTHING and anything with a little height on it she is up and standing! She is getting really good and at times doesnt need to hold on to anything but I dont think she has realized that yet.  The poor thing is getting carpet burns on her knees and feet from crawling! I think a good nickname for her is giggles! She does it ALL the time.  It is so cute! The Girls favorite thing to do right now is to go into Lauren's room or the playroom and play.  I think they are trying to get away from me! It is good they enjoy each other so much though.  It also helps me gets some things done!

Lauren is doing so good in dance.  She has been practicing and actually showing us some things she has learned! The other day Jon said he was flipping through the channels and turned it on a music station and Lauren told me to keep it there that it was a song they danced to in dance class.  So she got up and danced around! He video taped it.  I will try to upload it on here sometime.

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