Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BAD weekend!

****NORMALLY I dont post on things other than something to do with the Girls.  I think this effects them so I will post****
This past wknd Jon and I went up to picwick lake to celebrate a friends birthday. It was our fist wknd away since Alli has been born and a first for me to be away from her.  We headed out on saturday morning and got there at lunch.  Got on the boat and Jon and two of the other guys got on the jet skis and were going to pick up another jet ski.  not even 10 mins in the water Jon crashes the jet ski!  A wave got him and his foot got stuck in the foot part of the jet ski and it broke his ankle.  REALLY bad! After being in the water for an hour or hour in half he was finally picked up an EMT in a bass boat.  We finally got to the hospital after a long ambulance ride of Jon is some serious pain.  They got it xrayed and set it. Thank goodness he doesnt remember them setting it at all.  They kinda of knocked him out.  Then we found out it was both bones in his ankle that broke.  He had surgery sunday morning and had 5 screws put in it.  He was so out of and looked terrible.  We got home late monday afternoon and he is still in some pain.  He is going to be home for 3 wks for sure.  After that he may be able to go to work but still probably wont be able to do too much or be up on it all day.  Still will be on crutches so we will see how it goes.  Things are VERY different around here without him being able to do anything. 

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Tracy said...

Oh Kelly! That is terrible! I hope that he gets to feeling better soon. You will have your hands full with all 3 of them to take care of! Poor you too! :(