Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Allison's 9 month check up

I took Allison for her 9 month check up yesterday.  She is 17.3lbs and 28 3/4" long! She is in the 90% for her height.  The doctor said her not really talking yet is probably due to the fact she has been so busy crawling, pulling up, crusing, and trying to stand by herself.  She thinks she will really start talking more soon.  And she is!! We got home and were eating lunch and I am certain she is saying Mama now!!! She is also saying Nana! It starts out sometimes like mamamanannnaaannaaa! Now if she would just start sleeping through the night EVERY night we would be! Allison loves to play with her toys and Lauren's toys! She isnt taking the zantac anymore and the doctor said this is usually when they grow out of it all.  She has done great not taking it! Going to keep her on the alimentum formula for the next 3 months just b/c I dont want to mess up her system.  She eats great! Alli will try anything! She also loves to take her bath and splash and I mean splash! She will get to screaming and laughing so hard when she is doing it.  I am still very much her favorite! :) She doesnt like to ride in the stroller or in the shopping cart.  She just wants me to hold her! She is into everything! She is wearing 12 month pjs and still 6 and 9 months in other things.  If it is a one piece she needs 9 months and could probably wear 12 month.  In the pic below with the shoes with the bows those are actually shoes that Lauren had when she was a year old!! They fit Alli now! I was hoping with Jon being home more then the two of them would bond more but it hasnt happened.  Allison LOVEs to dance! Everytime one of her toys plays music she begins to dance! It is so cute! She has this little pot that you put shapes in and a lid.  I will put the lid on it with the shapes and some balls in it and she loves to take the lid off take the balls out and put the lid back on backwards!

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