Saturday, February 6, 2010


Both of the Girls have RSV. Allison woke up at 2am last night and started coughing. I knew she had what Lauren has when I heard the cough. I had to take Alli to the urgent care and they tested her for RSV and came back positive. The doctor then said that is probably what Lauren has as well but when the child is older than usually dont think to test for it. So I am camping out in Alli's room tonight. She is so hoarse and I dont want her to cry for long so I am in here with her all night. I am also afraid I wont hear her if I sleep in my room since her cry is so soft right now. She is sleeping in her swing in here. As soon as I lay her down in her bed she wakes up so the swing it is. I sure hope she feels better soon! Lauren is doing better. It never slowed her down any!

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