Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another trip to the doctor

Today I had to take Allison to the doctor again. Last night she really scared us. She woke up and was so stopped up and she screams when I am trying to suck the snot out well she was crying so hard and so stopped up she was choking! A few times! So I was scared she was getting worse instead of better. Her cough changed and at first Jon thought it was getting better but then after she did all that in the middle of the night he wasnt so sure then. I made an appt and got it fast this morning. Allison's lungs are clear and her oxygen was at 99 so that is GREAT! The doctor said if she was going to have gotten worse she would have already done it and that is she past the worse of it. I was afraid she had lost some weight but she was still the same at 12lbs 8oz. The doc said the cough that both Girls have could last for like a month or two! I sure hope not since neither of them actually had anything in their lungs. It is just all nasal stuff. I feel much better knowing she is getting better now!

I was watching Allison yesterday to see if she was waking up since she was making noise. Well she went to roll over and was so close the rail of the bed and hit her head on the rail! Now I know why sometimes she wakes up all smiles and other times not! She moves around so much in the bed and always heads for the side of the bed! Thankgoodness she hasnt hit it hard enough to have a bump or anything. She probably has Jon's hard head too!!

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