Monday, June 1, 2009

We have decided on a name!

I never thought that naming our second baby girl would be so hard! We had already decided on a first name but was having a hard time with a middle name. Last night as I was trying to sleep I was thinking of my Brother and the name just sort of popped into my head. Who knows maybe it was Scott's idea! Anyway I said it out loud and LOVED it! I went and told Jon and he LOVED it so there we have it! Our new baby girl is named! I can now start looking for monogramed things!!


I told Lauren this morning and she LOVED it also! But of course she told me we will call her Allison!!! Lauren is going to be a great big sis!

1 comment:

Kaycee said...

Aww :) So pretty! It goes absoloutley perfect with Lauren.

You know I love the name Reese, as it is Carrah's middle name too!