Saturday, June 27, 2009

Princess Breakfast

This morning Lauren and I went to the princess breakfast. She was so excited to pick out her dress this morning and get ready. Now I dont consider myself to be a huge girly girl but I do like girly things. I guess I should change a bit being as I am about to have two little girls looking up to me for things but when I am just sitting at home I see no point to do make-up and things. So with that said and it being the first time Lauren and I have done anything like this breakfast I just assumed that it would be sort of simple with the little girls dressing up. I was wrong!! lol! Lauren's dress is big on her so I just had her in regular clothes underneath but she was the only one! All the rest had mostly disney dresses on and some serious princess shoes! I will know next time! One little girl came up to Lauren asking which princess she was and neither of us had an answer. Lauren isnt all into the disney princesses yet. She knows most of them by name but she is just starting to get into dressing up and stuff. Lauren had picked out her dress from tj maxx and it is like a barbie dress so not really a princess I guess. So anyway we got in there and she got her nails painted, eye shadow on, lip gloss, and a star on her face. They had this box of wands, tiaras (but Lauren already had one on), and jewerly they could put on. They ate breakfast and Lauren eats so slow so she was rushed for the most part and was still hungry! She kept telling me but mommy I want to eat more!! Poor thing! Then they got there pics made with Mrs. Potts and princess belle. Lauren did alot of looking around like what is going on here but it was fine. Then they did a craft project where she made a picture frame for the pic of them together. Then they did a game to get a piece of candy then storytime. Lauren was more interested in her candy than the story. Then it was time to dance. Lauren did not want to dance??!! I could believe it. Like on the last song she was getting into it a bit. I think it was just all so new she wasnt sure what to do. She did tell me she had a good time. And she wanted to call her Daddy and tell him all about it!!

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