Monday, June 1, 2009

Pink bouncy castle!

Yesterday we decided to get Lauren's bouncy castle and have a cook out since it got rained out on her birthday. It would have been much more comfy weather wise on her birthday. Yesterday was 90 something degrees! Way too hot! Jon put a fan in the castle to try to help. Lauren was so excited to see it blown up. Jon and I both thought that the kids would not want to get out of it but they just sort of got in and out and werent over the moon about it. Someone said it was probably due to the backyard having so much to do!! lol! Lauren ended up getting sick! :( She was running fever and felt horrible. At least she had fun before she started feeling too bad. Today she seems all better. I am hoping her fever doesnt come back up.

I think they all 3 got in the castle and jumped and whatever but I was inside with Lauren so I didnt get to tape it. I did watch Jon flip and flop in it by himself. I didnt know he could do a flip b/c he wanted to!! lol!

Lauren doing a flip!

She woke up this morning and wanted her pink bouncy castle again! If we ever do that again we will make sure it isnt hot outside!!!

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