Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just some stuff

This past saturday night Lauren stayed at my parents house and they took her to farmfest this carnival cook out thing. Her and my Dad rode all the rides they could! She loves to go fast! She had alot of fun. Earlier that day my Mom heard Lauren in the other room talking and playing on their phone. Lauren usually does this so my Mom didnt think too much about it then she went in there to check on her and Lauren had pushed the redial button and called my sister in law and was just talking away to her!!! She then called her back yet again! lol!

I keep wanting to do a video of Lauren saying suppossed to. It is so cute how she says it. It is so cute to hear her say that isnt possedd to do that! That is kinda how she says it. I will have to work on getting the video of it.

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The Lovells said...

Hi Kelly and family,

i hope everything is going well with you guys. How excited is Lauren about being a big sister? Heidi is so excited and she can't wait. She kisses and hugs my belly all the time. Anyways I added your blog to my blog list. I hope that is okay. If not just let me know.