Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sesame Street Live!!!

Nanny, Aunt Andrea, Colton, Lauren and me went to see Elmo today!!! It was so cute! The kids had a great time! Colton shook Ernie's hand! Nanny got us the best seats! We were on the floor on the second row!!! So we were so close to the characters! Lauren had cotton candy for the first time today. She loved it of course! We got the kids huge Elmo balloons and these really cool Elmo toy that moves with lights on it. They did great with the show in keeping the kids attention! They wouldnt let me bring my camera in so I had to take in the crappy one so the pics aren't good at all! But at least you can see the "WOW" in Lauren's eyes in a few of them! She liked the streamers falling down at the end and the disco balls with the lights!

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