Monday, August 4, 2008

My lil Princess!

This morning at 5:30 am Lauren woke me up screaming! I mean screaming! So I go in there and she is saying CROWN, CROWN! I thought she was just having some dream or something. Later today I figured it out! She has a little princess crown that is for her hair that I keep in her room on the book shelve. At some point she must have gotten it and put it in her bed or something. Because when she got up from her nap she had it and was all excited she had found her crown!! So I don't know if she was awake or maybe it poked her and she woke up. ???

We went by this local store and Lady asked if Lauren wanted some pixie dust or something like that. So she put some sparkle lip gloss on Lauren and a purple glitter star on her face! It was so cute! She loved it!! She wanted to play at the place so bad! It is a little girls wonderland!!! I was hoping to get home and get some pics of it but she messed the star up while we were doing errands so I didnt get a pic of it.

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