Thursday, December 9, 2010

One year check up

I took Allison in today for her one year check up.  We will go back for her shots sometime after christmas since she is still on antibotics.  Her ears are all cleared up and it is her molars coming in that is causing her to be so fussy.  She is 20lbs and 29" long.  Lauren was almost the exact size at a year! The doctor was impressed at all the words Alli can say! She say she isnt even 14 months and can say all that! So that made me feel good since I was worried about her a few months ago.  Everything looked great and the doctor said she is almost certain that Alli has a lactose allergy.  She can eat cheese and yogurt without a problem but if you give her regular milk she is miserable.  So we are on the lactose free milk.  She passed her hearing exam and is just perfect!

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