Saturday, December 4, 2010

cute pic and Alli's first ear infection

I have slacked off uploading pics and this one was taken like two wks ago I guess.  She just looked so cute with her pjs, boots, and purse! And of course the cheesy smile.

On our way to thanksgiving lunch.

I had to take Allison to the doctor on thrusday and she has her first ear infection.  She has just been miserable and running fever.  They first gave me drops for her ears instead of an oral antibotic but I called the next day and got them to call a real antibotic in! I think she was getting worse and how can anyone expect a one year old to lay still for a minute while the drops soak into the ear?! She has has two days worth and it much better.  Still get sleepy real soon so our plans for this wknd which just happens to be the only wknd Jon is off until Christmas are getting put off.  Jon and Lauren did go to the parade tonight.  It was Lauren's first time seeing a parade and she really liked it. 
Oh Allison goes back for her year check up on next thursday but this past week she weighed 20lbs 15oz.  She is starting to outgrow her 12 month clothes! She has been playing peek a boo by covering her eyes it is so sweet! Allison certainly lets you know when she wants something or doesnt!!

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