Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas! It started the weekend before going to my parents house to have christmas with my nephews.  Lauren picked out these guns sets for them and they both loved them! Kenton actually took a nap with a knife that came from his! They had such a good time playing together. 

Christmas Eve morning I let Lauren open her new camera and since I let her open one I had to let Allison. She opened her baby doll.  Lauren LOVES the camera but Allison liked the baby doll when it was in the box more.  When I took it out of the box she just threw it down. We will see if it grows on her!! Lauren was so funny she took most of the pics all day.  She does a really good job a composing the shot also! She was telling me and Jon were to stand and smile!! The camera will work for now till she is a little older but I am dissappointed in the quality of the pics.  Lauren took some really good pics but the camera just isnt good enough to show it.  Mostly she will just be taking silly pics around the house so it will be fine. We went to lunch at Jon's uncles and came back home for a bit to let Allison sleep and Jon! Then we went out to Jon's grandmothers.  When it came time to open presents Allison just wanted to sit on the couch.  I think it was just too overwelming and she was tired. We got home and got the Girls to bed and got Santa all set up.

Christmas morning I was up first! I was so excited to see their faces so finally Allison woke up and we woke Lauren up.  Well tried to anyway! She didnt want to get up.  We told her Santa had came and she said really what did he bring me! She could have slept for another hour or so I bet! We let Allison look at her presents and start opening them.  She wasnt really into opening them but she did want them after they were out of the packages.  Her favorite was her purse by far! Once Lauren got up she saw the cars that were layed out in front of her presents which were Jon's old cars.  Alli spotted them also and they both loved them! We had to keep telling them to open the presents!! I got Jon good this year with his gift.  He had no idea he was getting the reciever he wanted.  I told him there was no way we could swing it this year but I found a way to get him what he wanted.  The Girls gave me this plate they made with their hands in the shape of a christmas tree! It is so pretty! I asked Jon if Alli screamed the entire time and she did! First off she was sick when they went and she hates to get her hands or feet dirty!

We headed down to Wynne and got there right at lunch.  After we ate we did our gifts and once again Alli had no interest in opening.  Lauren was ok with that because that was all she wanted to do! Allison ate most of the day! Every time my Dad got a piece of red velvet cake Alli was there to eat it for him!!

It was a great christmas and ever since I have been trying to clean up the house!!

OH Jon got a ps3 the move and two games and it is so much fun! We all have been playing it.  Jon and I stayed up pretty late playing it one night and the next night we had our match and had to go to bed we were so tired from the previous night.  We both woke up with sore arms from playing the game!!

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