Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video of Allison laughing

Here is a video of Alli laughing.  She has been doing it all afternoon!! I am not sure what has gotten into her but I LOVE IT! It is so sweet to hear it! I was changing her diaper and she kept trying to roll over and I kept trying to get her to stop.  She was laughing so hard b/c I was having such a hard time getting her to be still! So with her laughing so hard so was I! So after the 5 mins it took me to get her dressed again I sat her down on the ground and she took off into Lauren's room! Lauren was waving the flag and Allison just got to laughing so hard! So after that it didnt matter what it was she would laugh!!!

1 comment:

Lisa and Curtis said...

they could not be any more adorable! the part where she fell over had me laughing! Toooo stinking cute!