Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Allison is 8 months old!

I am a day late posting this but things got busy yesterday! So Allison is 8 months old now! She is crawling ALL over the place, pulling up on everything she can and cruising some! I think she is going to be walking well before she turns a year old! Now if she would start talking! I read somewhere that babies can handle only one milestone at a time something like that so that is why I am not going to worry too much about Alli not babbling so much right now.  And it could be b/c Lauren talks so much Alli just never knows when to talk!! Lauren is a great big sister and so much help to me! Allison is eating great still.  So much that she doesnt want her bottle much.  That is ok with me since the formula is so high! Allison is very much a Mommy's girl.  It is so precious to watch her play and then she sees me and lights up and crawls over to me for hugs and cuddles.  She is getting sooo much better about her screaming while I am out of the room.  She just follows me now! She is also playing with her toys so that keeps her entertained.  I am going to have to go get her some toys since I have pulled down some of Lauren's old ones and well now Lauren wants them and isnt sharing.  It is hard to explain to Lauren that just b/c Allison gets something doesnt always mean that Lauren gets something also.  Allison is still waking up once a night.  We had a few days where she slept all night then up again.  She just had a growth spurt so I think all the new things she is doing is messing up her schedule.  I am ready for the sleeping all night again!!
Lauren is the only person who can get Allison to laugh really hard.  It is the sweetest sound for both of my girls to be laughing so hard at really nothing but each other!

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