Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Baby Bumblebee and first time swimming

I tried to get some good pics of this outfit but Alli wasnt into it.  It actually has little wings on the back! She was more interested in getting ahold of Jasmine.  Which she did and her and Lauren both played with her for awhile.  She is so close to crawling! She will move forward once or twice and then she falls.  She wants to pull up on everything! She still needs to get stronger to do it by herself. We got in the swimming pool yesterday evening.  First time Allison has been in it and she loved it! With her in the little boat thing it was basically like a walker for her.  She could reach the bottom so she thought that was great! She moved all over that pool!
Allison is a GREAT eater! She has tried several new things this week.  One was a scrambled egg yolk! She ate every bite of it and wanted more! It is great that she loves to try new things and likes them all.  It is so different from how Lauren was.  Even as a baby she didnt want to try anything new.  Allison is really wanting to and almost ready to just eat finger foods but I get scared so I am going to keep with the jar food for a little longer. 

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