Friday, September 24, 2010

playing outside and training wheels?

We always go outside and play after dinner so this was wed night.  This was the first time Allison sat on the picnic table.  She really thought she was a big girl sitting there! And notice the necklaces of course!

Lauren joker kool aid face! We get in the tub afterwards so they are both messy!

Yesterday Lauren decided she wanted to try riding her bike without her training wheels.  So she made one trip down and we both thought to get her helmet and pads on.  Funny Jon and I didnt have  that luxury! It didnt go great but that is to be expected.  It will be some time before she is ready to take them off for good.  As Jon was putting them back on the bike he realized that it has adjustments to gradually move up to taking them off so we are going to try that next time.

Sure makes me sad to think my big girl is going to be riding her bike without training wheels soon and my baby going to be one next month. 

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