Friday, September 10, 2010

Catch up post

These pictures are out of order somewhat. Here is Jon with his cake.  It was a picture of him on his old motorcyle.  I guess this was two wks ago now when I took the girls to the park to play. Last sunday nana and pops came over and took the grandkids to the delta fair.  Lauren was wore out and said she had fun! The girl loves to ride rides! Of course came home with some cotton candy also!Just sticking her tongue out.  I think it is b/c she has now two more teeth on the bottom!
Lauren had been saying since last week she didnt want to go to dance anymore.  Finally as I was about to take her in yesterday to dance she tells me it is bc she got in trouble two wks ago for blowing bubbles and the teacher made her turn around in class.  So we are going to stick it out for now! I just hope she really does enjoy it. 
I had to take Alli to the doctor yesterday bc I was afraid she was getting a sinus infection like I have but she is ok.  Just the tail end of a cold.  She weighs 19lbs and 28" long.  I asked her twice today if she wanted something and she told me yeah! I was like what did you just say and she just smiled! She kept saying kitty cat yesterday.  At least that is what it sounded like but there was no kitty cat around! She is taking a few steps here and there but she just hasnt gotten enough confidence to take off yet.  I am sure it wont be long!

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