Monday, April 19, 2010

playhouse, cheeseburger, and camping out!

Yesterday I got a little cheeseburger and I was holding Allison and the cheeseburger.  Alli reached down and grabbed her a handful and went straight to her mouth!!! I grabbed it from her before she actually ate any but I was so shocked she would even know what to do with it!!

I have lots of pictures to post but my laptop wont stay on long enough for me upload them.  So soon I will be able to get them on here.

Mimi and Pawpaw are in the process of building Lauren and Allison's playhouse.  It is going to be so cute!!! Lauren is so excited about it!

Jon and Lauren camped out here in the backyard Saturday night.  She LOVED it! She hates marshmellows but still toasted a few and her hotdog.  It was chilly but they slept there all night long! Jon actually came in first and Lauren wanted to stay in the tent sunday morning.  While we were cooking our dinner Lauren looked up and said look there is the big dipper.  Jon said no it isnt.  Of course Lauren argued that she was right so Jon looked up and he was so shocked that it really was the big dipper!!!

Lauren and I went last week to pick out her birthday party supplies!! Now she is all set for her birthday! Everyday she asks me is my birhtday today!!!

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