Friday, April 2, 2010

Lauren's Easter Party at school

Lauren is really into super heros right now.  So she decided to put on her super girl outfit and add to it.  She called herself supergirlbunny Lauren!

I was one of the Mom's helping with the Easter Party at school so when I dropped Lauren off the teacher then says something to me about helping with the easter egg hunt.  I said sure since my Mom had Allison already.  I didnt realize I was going to be the one to hide the eggs! So I got them all ready for them and they took off running to find all the eggs.   They also had a visit from the easter bunny! We tried to get the kids to play an easter version of duck duck goose but they just wouldnt do it.  After a few tries we asked them what the problem was and one little girl said we can't run in the classroom!! So we moved on to making candy necklaces.  This turned out to be much harder for them than we thought.  We eventually got them done and played pin the tail on the bunny.  Had some pizza and other goodies.  I am glad I was able to go and spend that time with Lauren.  Before I hide the eggs Lauren and I colored an egg together.

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