Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas has come and gone!

Lauren had a great Christmas. She is wore out today and so am I! On Christmas Eve night we did Christmas with Jon's family and you know what her favorite thing to play with was! Jon's new flashlight!! lol! I think we will need a trailor next year to bring Christmas presents home with going to have two kids! On Christmas day we went to my parents house. What she wanted to do the entire time was watch the train my Dad had set up and play with the fire engine! This girl likes to wear dresses and jewerly but she sure is a tom boy!! I am still in the process of taking toys out of their packages and Jon still has things he has to put together! We got home pretty late last night and I went to bed at 8:30. I just couldnt keep my eyes open! It was a great Christmas! OH on Christmas morning I was all excited thinking Lauren was going to go wild at opening her gifts but nope! She LOVES her rose petal cottage and I think all the stuff was just so overwelming to her and she didnt know where to start! After a few presents she got distracted by the cat and wanted to go play with him and not open her presents!! We finally got it all opened up and she went from one toy to the next checking it out!

I am now ready to get all the Christmas stuff put up! I put a few things away today and will do most tomorrow. I am ready to get my house back to normal!

Oh yeah she got a tool bench thing and that was such a hit!! She is all about fixin stuff!! lol!

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