Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who wants two cats????

OMG so this has nothing to with Lauren but I still thought I would share it! Last week or two wks ago I forget I was here by myself and the cats brought in a live baby bird! It got in the blinds and it was trapped in there. I freaked b/c I HATE birds! I mean HATE them! My neighbor came over and got it for me!! Then later that day I found a dead mouse that the cats so nicely brought in for me!!!!!!!!!! They also keep bringing in the big ol locust or whatever kind of bug it is lately. So I knew they had something this morning the way they were acting. Turns out it was yet ANOTHER freakin bird!!!!!!!!!!!! Jon came home this time and got it out! I want these cats GONE!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo sick of them!!!! It is bad enough I am dealing with potty training Lauren and well let's just say I am cleaning up more than is getting in the potty!!!!!!! I feel like I have a puppy again...yeah that bad! Bless her heart she will get it at some point!!!

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