Saturday, September 13, 2008

How fast fun turns into scary!

We were at a friends house last night and Lauren, Jon, and Ethan (friends little boy) were playing on this huge bean bag thing. Well Jon bounced both kids off and Lauren hit her head. After we got her calmed down she was watching cartoons and threw up. So I went into a panic! A friend of ours looked her over and told us what to look for just in case. Another friend called a nurse and said since she was talking and her eyes were dialting right and all this other stuff then she should be fine. I went ahead and put a call into the on call nurse at Lauren's doctors ofc and she reasurred me that since she wasnt acting different and a bunch of other things that she should be fine. Just to watch her. So I wanted her to sleep with us last night but it was midnight and she was up playing in our bed! So that is when I knew she was ok!! lol! I was so scared that something could have happened to my baby girl! I am now looking into a padded room for her to play in!!!!

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Lisa and Curtis said...

Oh my gosh! How scary! I'm so glad she is ok! If you find a padded room, please let me know. We need on here too. LOL